5 Common Mistakes That Attract Pigeons to Your Property

While many people enjoy house guests, pigeons are not the type of guests you want hanging around your property and your home. They are dirty, smelly, and loud, not to mention their droppings carry toxic bacteria and harmful diseases. If [...]

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3 Foolproof Pigeon Control Solutions to Keep Them Away From Your Balcony

If you have dealt with pigeons and Phoenix pigeon pest prevention methods in the past, you know how difficult and nearly impossible it is to eradicate the little buggers. They are particularly fond of apartment complexes and hotel buildings, due [...]

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Pigeon-Related Diseases & How to Avoid Them

While pigeons are commonly seen as pesky little garbage-eaters who leave droppings everywhere, there are actually serious health risks associated with their infestations. The illnesses caused by pigeon droppings are quite serious and can even be fatal, which is why [...]

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The Dangers a Pigeon Infestation Can Pose to Your Apartment Complex

Pigeons love to make homes out of practically anything. If they can find an area with high places to roost, food sources (including garbage cans and dumpsters!), and protected areas to build a nest, they will make it their home. [...]

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4 Humane Pigeon Control Methods to Keep Your Property Safe

Pigeons can be nasty little creatures. Many think of them like rats with wings. Others are more generous and believe the birds to be beautiful but definitely a nuisance at times. No matter your opinion of pigeons, the truth remains [...]

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The Unexpected Hazards of an Arizona Pigeon Infestation on Your Commercial Property

You might not think much of pigeons until you find them roosting on your roof. The smooth, grey birds can actually look pretty, but they have a well-deserved reputation for being a nuisance. Once they find a place they like [...]

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5 Ways to Safeguard Your Solar Panels from Pigeons

Solar panels are a great investment in your home and in our collective future. Solar panels can reduce your home’s energy consumption, which reduces the demand for natural resources and also reduces your electric bill. Instead of relying on gas, [...]

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