How To Keep Birds From Making Nests In Unwanted Places

Best Ways Of Keeping Nesting Birds Away

Are you constantly worried about birds nesting in your house? If you’ve ever had to deal with pigeons or sparrows taking over your lawn, you know the problems they cause. These problems seem even worse when you realize those birds build their nests where they don’t belong.

Birds can often build their nests in unwanted places for various reasons. Most likely, they want to stay safe from predators like snakes. Some species also prefer to nest near water or food sources.

You probably already know how to remove bird droppings from your roof, but what about nests? How can you keep birds from making those nests in unwanted areas? A Gilbert pigeon removal company explains below. 

Best Ways Of Keeping Nesting Birds Away

How To Stop Birds From Building Nests In Your House

There are many reasons you might want to keep birds away from some areas in your home. Nesting birds can be territorial and messy, so you don’t want them nesting on your patio or near your cat’s favorite resting place. Additionally, bird droppings can be dangerous, carrying more than 50 diseases, including Histoplasmosis. 

Follow these recommendations to prevent birds from nesting in your home: 

Trim Your Lawn

Big trees, leafy bushes, and shrubs provide protective places for birds, making them comfortable enough to build nests. Trim away some vegetation from your garden to make these plants less attractive to birds. This way, they won’t be tempted to build a nest once they enter your garden or patio. 

Create Attractive Nesting Options

Another option to keep birds away from certain areas is to replace one place with another. You might be able to attract them with a new nesting place as long as you make it comfortable. To lure the birds away from your porch or entrance, build them a birdhouse. You can also create a nesting area with old wood or branches. 

You can also contact pigeon removal specialists in Tempe  to get better ideas on how to keep birds away without killing them.

Remove Water & Food Sources

Most birds prefer areas with easy access to food and water. If you have plants, ponds, or birdhouses with easy access for birds, move them away until nesting season is over. 

Create Slopes To Keep Them Away

Ledges provide birds with safe places to nest and spot predators. You can slope these ledges with a board to protect them from nesting birds. 

Take Advantage Of Mirrors

Hang mirrors or other reflective surfaces to create light flashes that deter birds from nesting near your house. You can even use discs to create the same effect. 

This technique is effective because birds prefer undisturbed places for nesting. Light flashes work as the opposite of quietness for them. 

How To Stop Birds From Building Nests In Your Commercial Property

You may think that nesting birds prefer houses instead of commercial buildings, but birds are everywhere! These creatures can also cause a lot of problems on your commercial property.

Bird droppings can ruin car paint and corrode metal, and nesting materials can be a fire hazard. 

You must ensure your property is bird-free. Otherwise, you will need help from pigeon removal specialists in Gilbert

Before calling the experts, try these methods:

Use Signs

Some customers feed the birds as soon as they see them, and your property may not be excluded from that situation. Post signs to discourage people from feeding birds so you can have a bird-free environment. 

Create An Uncomfortable Space

Use specialized products to deter birds without killing them. You can use slopes, bird spikes, and other natural deterrents to keep them away from your commercial property.

Empty Your Trash Can Often

If your commercial building has outdoor trash cans, empty them often to avoid trash accumulation. Trash is an attractive food source for birds, so you must empty your trash cans or dumpsters often.

Block Entries

You can also block entries to prevent birds from nesting near your property. Bird netting, fences, and plastic barriers can block entry to areas where birds nest. Use any of them to keep birds away! 

Contact A Professional

The best way to get rid of nesting birds is to contact the pros. AZ Pigeon Control is a top-rated pigeon removal company in Phoenix with well-qualified experts ready to help! We make sure these avian pests don’t do irreparable damage to your property. We offer pigeon removal services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Phoenix and nearby cities in the Valley. Contact us now for more information!


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