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    While Arizona is not typically known for extensive pigeon problems, pigeons are actually one of the most destructive pests in the state. Between leaving droppings all over your property, carrying a host of diseases, and building nests which create fire hazards, the damage and havoc wreaked by these pests can be expensive or irreparable. AZ Pigeon Control & Removal is a certified, highly recommended Tempe pigeon control service providing effective, long-term prevention and removal of pigeons from your property. Contact our experienced pigeon removal experts to learn more!

    Professional Pigeon Pest Control Team Serving Tempe Residents

    Humane Pigeon Removal Experts In Tempe

    Humane Pigeon Removal Experts

    While there are many methods for removing pigeons from your property, our Tempe pigeon control experts are committed to only using the most humane approach.

    Tempe Residential Pigeon Control Near You

    Residential Pigeon Control Near You

    As a certified Tempe residential pigeon removal service, AZ Pigeon Control & Removal provides top-rated pest control for your home and property.

    Tempe's Commercial Pigeon Removal Services

    Commercial Pigeon Removal Services

    No matter the size of your business, AZ Pigeon Control & Removal is certified for Tempe commercial pigeon removal and prevention.

    Free Pigeon Pest Inspection In Tempe

    Call us today for a Free Pigeon Pest Inspection and find out why many of your Tempe neighbors trust us!

    Reliable Pigeon Pest Control And Pigeon Prevention Services All Around The Tempe Area

    Effective Pigeon Nest Removal On Your Tempe Property

    Effective Pigeon Nest Removal On Your Property

    Prevent fire hazards by letting our Tempe pest prevention team remove any pigeon nests from your chimney, vents, or attic.

    Pigeon Proofing On Tempe Homes And Commercial Buildings

    Pigeon Proofing On Tempe Homes And Commercial Buildings

    Contact our Tempe pigeon control services for humane removal and effective prevention of a pigeon infestation at your home, property, or business.

    Best Rated Balcony Deterrent For Pigeons In 85281, Tempe

    Best Rated Balcony Deterrent For Pigeons In 85281, Tempe

    Pigeons are inevitably drawn to roost and settle in balconies, so if you are facing an infestation, contact our Tempe pest removal service today!

    Affordable Costs For Tempe Pigeon Removal Services Near You

    Affordable Costs For Pigeon Removal Services Near You

    AZ Pigeon Control & Removal offers a variety of incredible discounts and specials to help make our Tempe pigeon prevention services even more affordable.

    Long-Lasting Pigeon Infestation Control In The Tempe Area

    Long-Lasting Pigeon Infestation Control

    The Tempe pigeon removal experts at AZ Pigeon Control & Removal carry extensive knowledge about effective, long-lasting pigeon infestation control methods.

    Experienced Pest Control For Pigeon Problems On And Under The Roof

    Experienced Pest Control For Pigeon Problems On And Under The Roof

    If you are looking for effective, humane Tempe pest infestation control, AZ Pigeon Control & Removal is an excellent resource! Call today to learn more!

    Top Rated Tempe's Trusted Pigeon Control And Removal Team On Home Advisor

    Tempe’s Trusted Pigeon Control & Removal Team

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    I looked at several pigeon control companies in Phoenix to see who could offer the best quote. Not only is AZ pigeon control fast, but they are easily more affordable and effective than others… Thanks for all your help!

    Barbara S., Gilbert

    Review Quote

    We had a serious pigeon problem at one of our commercial locations in Mesa and customers complained daily. We talked with AZ Pigeon Control & Removal, and they gave us a great quote for their pigeon prevention services. I highly recommend them if you have a pigeon problem.

    Matthew D., Mesa

    Review Quote

    I talked to AZ Pigeon control about my problem. We had birds everywhere around our house. A couple visits from them, and we’re bird free! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

    Barry G., Phoenix

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pigeon Control Services

    There are two main ways that pigeons are detrimental. One, not only do they leave droppings all over your roof, home, and yard, but their nests are fire hazards and their feathers or food can easily block openings, requiring expensive repairs. Two, they carry mites and fleas, and their droppings are highly toxic to people and animals.
    While there are a wide variety of methods to keep pigeons from infesting your home or outbuildings, some are more humane than others. If your roof is large and flat, bird netting is an excellent way to block pigeons from even landing on your roof. Spikes are another effective option.
    Pigeons are extremely pesky creatures. They look for food, water, and shelter, and quickly settle in when they have a place that offers all three. They are not picky about the sources, so any nooks or hidden areas around your home provide a great shelter, while garbage or pet food offer an excellent food source.
    Pigeons typically build their nests along building ledges, rafters, beams, balonices, under bridges, inside barns, or any other nook and cranny they deem safe. If you see pigeons repeatedly flying to and from the same place and carrying nest materials in their beaks, it is highly likely they are building a nest for eggs.
    Pigeons are massive pests and not typically afraid of humans. This fearlessness gives them the confidence to build nests wherever they feel is safe, including your front porch, balcony, chimney, or attic vents. One they find a place to build a nest, you can safely bet that many more pigeons will be arriving and building their nests as well.
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