What Are The Negative Consequences Of Birds Nesting In Your Outdoor AC Unit?

How To Deal With Birds’ Nests In Your AC Unit

Having a weak air conditioner is an awful experience. Most people associate a damaged AC unit with maintenance issues. Though sometimes that’s not the reason. In some cases, birds’ nests are the main problem, even if it sounds absurd.

Cleaning the air filters won’t be enough to repair your AC unit if you have a nest. You must call a Gilbert pigeon removal company to check up on your HVAC unit and remove the nest.

It’s normal for a bird to nest in AC units. They want sheltered and warm places to lay their eggs. Air conditioners offer warmth and protection from predators, so they are perfect for birds to nest.

But as you can guess, this arrangement is dangerous for your AC unit. It can cause many temperature issues you want to avoid.

We have prepared this guide to help you deal with birds’ nests in your AC Unit.

Birds in a AC Unit

What Problems Can Birds Cause In Air Conditioners?

Birds use twigs, feathers, grass, and straws to build their nests, causing a lot of mess. Additionally, birds carry dangerous germs that can affect indoor air quality. Birds’ nests can cause damage to your air conditioner too. Not to mention chirping birds –they can disturb your sleep at night.

Here is a list of other problems you could face by having birds’ nest in your AC unit:

Birds’ Nests Affect Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner can suck birds’ droppings and feathers, leading to poor air quality. Birds’ droppings and feathers carry dangerous bacteria, ticks, mites, and other pests. Birds also carry bugs, which can enter your unit.

Contact a Tempe pigeon removal company if you have a nest in your AC unit. Do not try to remove the nest yourself if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge.

Birds Can Damage The AC Insulation

Birds can peck the insulation that covers the refrigerant pipes. Therefore, they can reduce the cooling in your AC, especially if the birds live in your window AC.

Birds can also damage the ductwork if they live in the attic.

They Can Clog Air Filters And Evaporators

Droppings and feathers combined with debris and dust can clog evaporator coils. These coils improve the cooling process, but they cannot release heat if they are clogged, resulting in less airflow.

Birds’ Nests Can Cause Fires

Twigs, straws, and feathers are the most common materials for nests. These materials are highly combustible!

The nest can catch fire and damage the AC unit in case of a short circuit. Worse yet, the fire can quickly spread to other areas in your home.

They Can Interfere With The AC Fan

Feathers and twigs can get stuck inside the fan blades. As a result, the AC fan could stop rotating. Additionally, the outdoor unit will make clicking noises due to obstructions.

Call trusted pigeon removal specialists to remove birds’ nests. Once your AC unit is bird-free, remove the outdoor unit cover and clean the fan thoroughly.

Birds’ Nests Can Cause Compressor Breakdown

Your outdoor unit can catch debris from birds’ nests, causing issues for your compressor. Your AC compressor could break down, leading to expensive repairs or replacement.

Keep regular maintenance for your AC unit to avoid wasting so much money on repairs. Also, get a professional inspection once in a while.

How Can I Keep Birds Away From My AC?

Maintenance is key to preventing the nesting material from clogging AC components. However, preventing birds from nesting in your AC is the best permanent solution.

Here are some recommendations to stop birds from nesting in your air conditioner:

  • Use plastic toys to mimic the predators. Snakes and owls can do the work. You can use reflective owl decoys to scare the birds away. These decoys also emit sounds to confuse birds.
  • Use vinegar and warm water to prevent birds from nesting in your AC. You can also use store-bought bird repellent.
  • Install a wire mesh around the unit. A cage-like structure can also work.
  • Install bird spikes on the top of your AC.

Contact a Top-Rated Phoenix Pigeon Removal Company For Better Results

The best you can do to remove birds’ nests from your AC Unit is to contact a trusted pigeon removal company. At AZ Pigeon Control & Removal we have the right tools and specialists to remove birds from your property in the most humane way possible. Contact us now for a free pest inspection.


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