Get Rid Of Pigeons: 5 Smells They Can’t Stand That Will Do The Work

Preventing A Pigeon Invasion With Smell Deterrents

Pigeons are a big problem for homeowners, especially if they live in urban areas. Pigeons can cause damage to your home and your lawn, and they spread many dangerous diseases. 

One of the best ways to get rid of them is with smell deterrents. Pigeons do not like certain smells, so if you choose the right ones, you can avoid them from invading your home.

But, what smells do they hate? Do birds smell at all? Our pigeon removal specialists in Phoenix will answer these questions.

Preventing A Pigeon Invasion With Smell Deterrents In Phoenix

Do Birds Smell?

Yes, they do. Birds can pick up on many smells. 

According to scientists studying pigeons, these birds’ heart rates increase every time they smell scented air. Seabirds can detect the smell of krill eating phytoplankton (a microscopic organism). This odor is a map for the seabirds to find their next meal. 

More experts are still studying birds to learn more about their sense of smell. Those researches are crucial to know what attracts birds and what keeps them away. 

Now that you know this, you can already know the smells they love and hate. 

What Smells Attract Them?

The specific smells that appeal to birds vary from species to species, but two general categories are common:

  • Bird Feces And Nest: Birds are attracted to their feces and nests. It may sound weird, but it has a reason. Their feces and nests have pheromones that let them know those are the best places to stay. 
  • Food: This may be nothing new, but keep in mind that birds also love anything that indicates there’s food nearby. Not necessarily human food, they also love bird food. 

Contact a Phoenix pigeon removal company if you see pigeons on your property. They are the most experienced in this topic and have the best solutions to get rid of pigeons. 

How To Avoid Pigeons In Your Property

Before checking the 5 smells birds hate, take note of these recommendations for successful bird control: 

  • Get Rid Of Any Signs Of Bird Poop And Nests. Cautiously clean the area to remove all signs of bird infestation. If you see bird droppings, chances are there are birds. The first step to avoiding pigeon infestation is to clean the area. 
  • Remove Food Where Possible. You won’t be able to eliminate all food, especially if you have to protect a restaurant or a garden, but you can try removing the best you can to avoid bird infestation. Also, throw the garbage frequently and clean outdoor tables often. 

The 5 Smells That Birds Can’t Stand

It’s not recommended to harm birds, including pigeons. You should not try to do that because it can be dangerous. That’s why you can try using smell repellents to avoid them from entering your house.

If you have a pigeon infestation at home, contact a Phoenix pigeon removal company as soon as possible to get a professional solution. 

Take note of these smells if you want to keep pigeons under control. 

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is natural and effective in repelling birds. You can spray pure vinegar on selected areas where you see nests. Apple cider vinegar is the most effective, but you can use any kind of vinegar if you don’t have this one. 

2. Essential Oils

Peppermint oil is the most common to keep pigeons away, so simply spray the peppermint oil on your garden, garage, gutter, and other areas of your home. Other essential oils can do the work too, including cedarwood essential oil, and lavender essential oil. 

3. Chili

Chili comes from cayenne pepper, and it is an excellent repellent for birds. You can spray a chili solution around your garden to keep pigeons away from it. Chili pepper flakes also work.

Be careful when applying this scent as it can irritate your eyes.

4. Garlic

Garlic contains “allicin”, a chemical that deters birds. You can mix plain garlic with water and spray the solution on any part of your property where birds usually stay. 

5. Grape Kool-Aid

Before contacting pigeon removal specialists in Phoenix, why don’t you try using Grape Kool-Aid to deter pigeons? You can try that while waiting for the experts. It may sound surprising, but birds do hate this smell. Just remember it must be GRAPE. 

The Best Phoenix Pigeon Prevention For Your Property

These 5 scents can help you keep birds away from your house or commercial property, but it’s not a long-term solution. We recommend you contact the experts at AZ Pigeon Control to remove pigeons safely and maintain your property in good condition. Contact us now to learn more about our services.


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