Relocating & Removing Birds Nests: Everything You Need To Know

Can You Remove a Bird Nest? Essential Facts About Relocating Them

Removing nests can be tricky. It involves assessing the situation, collecting equipment, and knowing how to act during the whole process. You might also need to contact a Phoenix pigeon control company to avoid an infestation. You also have to speak with your local council about policies when removing bird nests from urban areas.

As you can see, it can be a tedious process, so we created this article. In the following lines, you will learn the most essential facts about removing and relocating birds’ nests. 

Can You Remove a Bird Nest? Essential Facts About Relocating Them In Phoenix

The First Step

The most important step is to know the species of bird you are dealing with. Some bird species are protected under the Migratory Bird Act, so be aware of that. These species include the European Starlings, House Sparrows, and Feral Pigeons.

You shouldn’t wait until these birds leave the nest because they reuse their nests many times a year. Contacting professionals to do the job is the most recommended, but you can also try to do the task yourself if you think you can handle it.

Check the tips below to identify the bird’s nest you’re dealing with


Pigeon nests look like a tangle of pine needles, twigs, and other debris. In other words, their nests look quite messy. 

Pigeons use their nests all year, so they do not remove their droppings, meaning they have higher risks of health dangers. You should contact a Phoenix pigeon removal as soon as you see pigeons in your house. 

Their nests usually have one or two medium-sized white eggs.

House Sparrow Nest

House sparrow nests have a dome-shaped covering, and like the pigeon, they have droppings and feathers inside. In most cases, the feathers are into the nest structure along with other debris, making the nest look a bit messy. 

House sparrows often try to make their nests over birdhouses from other small birds like bluebirds. As for the eggs, they look like small round stones due to their brownish color.

Starling Nest

The starlings’ nests are usually in birdhouses because they prefer to nest in cavities and holes. You can identify them by the bigger materials towards the front of the nest, leaving the eggs in the very back of the nest. Plus, starlings use whatever material is nearby to build their nests, including debris and even plastic. 

Their eggs are similar to a robin’s egg but slightly smaller and darker. 

If you see any of these types of nests in your house, and you are 100% sure they are not of another species, you can remove or relocate them as long as you do it properly. 

You can also contact a Phoenix pest control company to remove the nests if you don’t feel sure about it.

How To Remove A Bird’s Nest

  1. Wear protective gear before touching the nest. PPE masks and heavy-duty gloves are mandatory because bird droppings can become widely airborne, carrying many diseases.
  2. Spray antibacterial spray onto the nest and let it dry before handling it.
  3. Once dry, prepare a plastic ziplock back or another sealed container to remove and place the nest safely.
  4. Dispose of the container with the nest in it into the trash at a good distance from home.

Once you are done, wash your hands and sanitize anything that came in contact with the nest. You should also block entry to the location the nest was in so that the bird does not build another nest. 

How To Relocate A Bird’s Nest

If you don’t want to discard the nest but relocate it, you should first check if there are eggs inside. If you don’t see any eggs, you can try to relocate the nest. However, if you do see eggs inside the nest, you shouldn’t try to move anything. In that case, the best you can do is to call Phoenix pigeon removal specialists.

To relocate the bird nests, buy a hanging plant liner and basket first. Once you have that, follow these steps:

  1. Wear protective gear, including heavy-duty gloves, and a PPE mask. Remember those bird droppings that are disturbed can become airborne and carry numerous diseases.
  2. Avoid disturbing the appearance of the nest and set the basket as close as possible. 
  3. Lightly lift the nest from its current location and immediately put it into the basket. 
  4. Once the nest is inside the basket, use a long pole with a hook and relocate it. You can relocate it to a nearby branch, as long as it is far enough from your home and other buildings. 
  5. Sanitize everything that came in contact with the nest once you finish the process. 

Contact A Trusted Phoenix Pigeon Control Company

Although you can relocate and remove birds’ nests on your own, it’s always best to contact professionals. We invite you to reach out to AZ Pigeon Control to safely remove birds’ nests near your house. We will do the hard task for you so you can relax and enjoy a pigeon-free environment. Contact us now for more information. 


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