Why Bird Removal Services Are Essential For Arizona Businesses

Understanding The Importance Of Hiring Commercial Pigeon Control In Phoenix

Most people think that hiring Phoenix pigeon removal services is only for large companies, but there are many benefits that small Arizona businesses can enjoy by getting these services too.

Regardless of the type of business you have, there’s no doubt that it is your responsibility to ensure that it is safe and secure.

After all, the safety and the well-being of your workers and clients should be a top priority. In many cases, birds can be a threat to this safety. This can be quite an issue if they’re nesting in the ceiling or even your walls.

With this said, we highly recommend you consider professional pigeon removal services, and here’s why: 

Understanding The Importance Of Hiring Commercial Pigeon Control In Phoenix

Birds Spread Health Concerns

Pest birds bring many dangers and health risks when they arrive at your local business. They carry more than sixty diseases and forty parasites. The most common are:

  • Cryptococcus
  • Salmonella E. Coli
  • West Nile Flavivirus

Most of these diseases come from bird droppings. These droppings can become airborne and infect you, your loved ones, employees, and clients. 

Birds can also spread diseases through their feathers and nests. Their feathers can host numerous parasites, bacteria, and viruses, while their nests can be the best place for certain species of fungi. 

Contact a Phoenix pigeon removal company as soon as you see some birds surrounding your local business. Do not wait until the last minute to get rid of them. 

Birds Damage Buildings

Birds can also cause structural damage. Their droppings on a car’s windshield are usually enough to send it straight to the carwash. Besides, their waste has a deteriorating element called “uric acid”. This acid has damaging effects on many surfaces, including wood and plastic.

Their waste can “eat” through tar, wood, and paint finish in the long term. In other words, they can damage your business structure and make it look quite fragile. 

Nests can also impact your structure. Multiple nests can block your entire drainage system and cause damage elsewhere in the building. 

They Can Lower Property Value

In addition to the health risks that come with birds, they also spell trouble for roofs, especially car roofs. 

Bird droppings can erode the finish on vehicles, clog the roof drains and gutters, and reduce the lifespan of the roofs. In a business, the damage by pest birds is even more notorious; their frequent droppings can look unsightly, and hoards of pigeons usually scare clients away.

A Phoenix pigeon removal company will always make sure these birds do not cause more damage to your property or business. Remember that they do not only affect your health, but also your image, and an unsightly image for your clients means less property value. 

They Also Cause Fire Hazards

Birds look for drains, gutters, and other open sources to build their nests. They use straws and twigs to raise their offspring, leading to a potential fire hazard. 

The bird is already creating a nest when dropping sticks one at a time into a pipe. By doing this, the bird is also blocking ventilation. If not taken care of, the blockage can force gas like carbon monoxide back into the room. This is extremely dangerous because it can cause such a quantity of lint and fluff, that there’s a high chance of a swift raging fire. 

If they decide to nest upon a chimney, things could be worse. Hence the importance of contacting professional services. Bird removal companies have the necessary tools and knowledge to know where exactly these birds are nesting and damaging your local business. 

It’s Time To Contact Phoenix Pigeon Removal Specialists

Bird removal services are crucial for business and building owners in Arizona because these creatures can spread health concerns and damage property. However, there are some things you can try on your own before contacting a bird removal company to simplify your bird removal process. 

You can try the following things to keep birds out of your business: 

  • Get rid of the things that attract them. Food trucks, restaurants, and grocery stores can be major attractions for birds, and since there’s no way to reduce all food waste for businesses like these, good cleaning habits can help. 
  • Use bird spikes if necessary. These tools discourage birds to roost or nest on the roof.
  • Use plastic predators with other deterrents. Plastic statues of birds of prey like hawks and eagles can scare off some birds, especially if you use them with other elements like spiral reflectors. 

But, the most important thing is to always contact a top-rated pigeon removal service ASAP. Reach out to AZ Pigeon Control & Removal to get the highest quality pigeon removal services throughout Phoenix. Contact us now for a FREE pest inspection! 


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