Easy Home Remedies To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Arizona Home

DIY Remedies To Help You Get Rid Of Pigeons Easily

Birds can be welcome to your yard as long as they do not become a threat to your plants and fruits. Birds usually become a nuisance when they start damaging your property, especially with their droppings full of health risks like Psittacosis. Therefore, you should always consider homemade remedies to keep birds away.

There are many DIY remedies to get rid of pigeons safely. You may have most of the items needed at home, so it shouldn’t be a challenge.

You may need to contact a Phoenix pigeon removal company if the problem becomes more serious than expected. But, before contacting these specialists, consider these home remedies ideas.

DIY Remedies To Help You Get Rid Of Pigeons Easily In Arizona

Flashy Objects From High Points

Shiny objects reflect sunlight, discouraging birds from returning to these areas. To keep birds away, hang these objects near the landing or nesting area. These objects will make your patio or yard uninviting places to birds without harming them.

You can hang strips of foil, old CDs, shiny party streamers, small mirrors, etc. The important thing here is to make sure these objects are shiny and flashy.

Predators (Including Fake Ones)

Many natural predators like cats and larger birds of prey can easily scare birds away. However, if that’s not possible for you, you can try fake predators. You can use a plastic ow or rubber snake to trick birds into thinking the property is unsafe. These fake predators are available online or at garden stores.

You can even create your fake predator at home. All you have to do is to draw one of the predators. Then, use wood, metal, or similar materials to cut and recreate the model you drew. Make sure to use materials that withstand the outdoor environment.

Many pigeon removal specialists in Phoenix recommend moving the fake predators from time to time, otherwise, the birds will ignore them.

Garden Balls & Wind Chimes

Round garden balls are also an excellent homemade bird repellent. You can place them in your garden or hang them from trees. Birds confuse these balls with eyes, and that’s why they avoid them.

Wind chimes are a more subtle yet effective option, especially if you live in a windy area. The sound they create is a good weapon to get rid of birds safely. You can purchase commercial wind chimes or make your own if you have the time and patience.

Anti-Roosting Bird Spikes

You can find anti-roosting spikes at most garden stores, home centers, hardware stores, and even online. These spikes can be attached anywhere birds tend to nest, such as open ledges, signage, railings, etc. Once installed, the spikes will create an uncomfortable environment for any bird, including pigeons.

Anti-roosting spikes may look menacing, but they do not harm birds. They only create a difficult surface for birds, so that they cannot land and roost.

The only disadvantage of anti-roosting spikes is their price. They are expensive, and they require time to install. You can always contact a pigeon removal company in Phoenix if you think you need help with this tool and other methods for pigeon pest prevention.

You can also use a slinky (the famous coiled metal kid’s toy) as a low-cost alternative for bird spikes. Simply extend this toy and attach it to the top of a railing. The barrier of coils will work similarly to the anti-roosting spikes.

A Natural Bird Repellent

If you have chili peppers, water, and vinegar at home, then you can create your homemade bird repellent spray. Other natural ingredients can be used as bird repellents, but the ones we previously mentioned are the most famous.

To make the spray, crush the chili peppers into a blend of vinegar and water. Then, heat the mixture in a crockpot for a few hours or simply put it in a clear glass in direct sunlight for two days.

Pour the mixture into a plant mister and spray it in any areas where you see birds landing.

Baking soda can also be used as a bird repellent. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the railings where the birds usually perch. Baking soda does not harm them, but it creates an uncomfortable feeling under birds’ toes.

Contact Pigeon Removal Specialists In Phoenix

If you try all these homemade remedies and you still have problems with pigeons, then maybe it’s time to contact a pest control company. AZ Pigeon Control And Removal can be your smart choice for you to forget about birds forever!

Our bird specialists have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with pigeons, so they can help clear your property of these avian pests. Call us today for a free inspection and find out why many of your Arizona neighbors in the Phoenix and Greater Area trust our services!


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