How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Inside Your Property

Are you a business owner looking to get rid of large flocks of birds visiting your business premises? Are you tired of employees leaving sick because of bird droppings on their cars, desks, and hair? Don’t worry, there are many solutions available for that. 

Even if your business isn’t near a large body of water, you may have flying pests; after all, birds like to hang out where people do.

A pigeon removal company in Gilbert will explain in this article what you can do to keep birds at bay on your commercial property. Keep reading to learn more! 

 Get Rid Of Pigeons Inside Your Property

Get Ready To Use Netting Systems

Nylon bird netting is a versatile bird-proofing alternative frequently used to protect vertical, sloping, and horizontal areas from bird problems by keeping birds out of places they shouldn’t be. 

Bird nettings usually protect the fascias of buildings, but it is also particularly helpful in partially covered buildings or other structures where birds are an issue. This can happen inside high-ceilinged apartments exposed to the elements and underneath stadium roofs, warehouse canopies, and loading bays.

Anti-bird netting for buildings only prevents birds from landing in roosting or nesting sites, therefore netting can be a good solution because big areas can be readily covered. 

Professionals with the necessary training and netting installation experience should complete the fitting. This process often requires operating at heights in challenging locations where additional equipment, like a cherry picker, may be necessary. Bird nettings are, by far, the best DEFRA-approved bird deterrent for agriculture and aquaculture.

Bird netting might be the best method of bird control for many reasons. Netting will be the best and most cost-effective method with a trusted Tempe pigeon removal company if birds need to be prevented from entering a big cavity region, such as the upper roof areas of large structures where birds rest and nest.

This method is also helpful when you need to prevent birds from entering completely, not simply from landing. Another important application in urban settings is when it’s necessary to preserve the aesthetic appeal of an area while protecting the fascia. It’s not as discrete as post and wire proofing, but it blends in remarkably well once installed and prevents birds from entering the area.

Spike Systems Against Birds

Anti-bird spikes are the most popular and cost-effective method of stopping birds from landing and roosting somewhere they are not wanted, such as on ledges, gutters, chimneys, TV aerials, signage, statues, balconies, walls, and lamp-posts. The rigid bird spikes we use on most jobs come from either stainless steel or clear plastic. That’s why they are unobtrusive and long-lasting.

They stand around eight inches off a tough base fixed to the area that needs proofing with a tough, bespoke bird spike adhesive. Put simply, once fitted with anti-bird spikes, the birds can no longer land there. Bird spiking has been described as the most effective stand-alone bird deterrent.

Call your Gilbert pigeon removal company to learn more about spike systems.

Pins & Wires

This method is based on an invisible tensioned wire device that discourages birds from perching. The benefit of it is that it doesn’t interfere with the building’s aesthetics or construction.

Bird wires work well to keep feral pigeons from perching on building ledges and parapets.

The bird wire systems are made up of fine, nylon-coated, stainless-steel wire supported by stainless-steel posts that are secured to stonework with nylon anchor rivets.

The posts come in different sizes, and you can fix the wire into window reveals using stainless steel split pins. 316-grade stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, is used to make the posts, springs, wires, and split pins.

Bird wiring is a highly adaptable bird control system you can mount to nearly any surface, including roof ridges and metal cladding. 

It is an ideal system for many applications, but you must mount it with the right components and brackets. 

If you’re considering this method, remember to contact an expert first so you can get a better idea of the best solution for your bird problem.

Find A Trusted Phoenix Pigeon Control Company

There are no better or worse options among these three excellent solutions in terms of cost because they can all be completed on a variety of budgets.  Most of them are effective at height and will need access equipment during the installation stage, thus ease of application and fitting is also not a factor.

However, we still advise you to contact an expert team like the one we have at AZ Pigeon Control. We offer the best solutions to eradicate birds in your area safely so you can bring normality to your property again. Call us now to request a quote! 


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