How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Inside Your Property

How To Safely Remove A Pigeon Trapped Inside Your House

Having a pigeon trapped inside your home can be a frustrating, stressful, and challenging experience, both for you and the bird. Maybe you heard a strange rustling noise in your living room or found a panicked bird stuck inside your screened porch. Either way, you want to get the pigeon out of your home as quickly as possible. Although the best way to remove pigeons is to contact a Gilbert pigeon removal company, sometimes you may want to do the job yourself. Follow these steps to safely and effectively remove a trapped pigeon from inside your home, and then contact a professional Tempe pigeon pest prevention service to deter pigeons from nesting outside your home.

 A Pigeon Standing On a Door

Isolate The Pigeon & Secure The Area

First, isolate the pigeon to one specific room by closing off any doors that lead to other areas of your home. When you enter a room to try to get a pigeon out, it will probably become even more panicked and try to move as far away from you as possible. Closing doors is the best solution to limit the bird to one room so it can find an exit and isn’t flying all over your home, causing damage and mess.

If the bird is in a room that doesn’t have a clear exit, such as an interior living room, hold up a sheet or blanket with both arms to attempt to herd the bird into another room of your home where it will be easier for the pigeon to escape.

You’ll also want to remove any household pets from the area. Although you may think that your cat or dog will be helpful in removing the pigeon, having animals in the room is only going to increase the pigeon’s fear and panic, making it even more difficult for them to get out of your home. Also, pigeons carry diseases that can be transmitted to pets, including dogs and cats, so you will want to avoid exposure as much as possible in case your pet attacks the pigeon.

Funnel The Bird Towards An Exit

Once you’ve isolated the bird to one room, you may want to consider contacting Gilbert pigeon removal to help get the bird out of your home. However, if you want to handle the situation yourself, take steps to help the pigeon find the exit. Create an obvious exit for the pigeon by opening a door or window. Generally speaking, the largest opening you can find is the best. Close all the blinds or curtains on other windows and turn off the lights except where you want the bird to fly out. Pigeons naturally avoid darker spaces, so the lights will act as a beacon to guide them out of the open door or window.

It’s especially important to remain calm. Although trapped birds can be intimidating as they panic and beat their wings, yelling or striking at a disoriented bird can make the situation much more difficult. Anything you do that increases the pigeon’s fear can make it harder for the pigeon to find the exit and increases the risk of damage to your home.

Once you’ve isolated the pigeon and created an exit, it’s usually best to leave the pigeon alone. Once the bird has lost some of its fear, it will find the exit and fly out on its own. Like other birds, pigeons are sensitive to stress and will have difficulty finding their way out while overwhelmed with fear.

Another solution is to coax the bird out by slowly herding it toward the exit. Hold up a large sheet or blanket with both hands and slowly approach the bird, steering it toward the outside exit. If all else fails, contact Phoenix pigeon removal specialists to handle the situation.

What Not To Do When Trying To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Sometimes, pigeons cannot find their way out. This can be especially frustrating and inconvenient.

If you cannot get the pigeon out of your home, do not:

  •       Touch the bird: Pigeons carry diseases, so it’s best to avoid touching them.
  •       Harm the bird: Throwing a towel or sheet over the bird is generally considered to be harmful and is a last resort solution when a bird cannot find its way out of your home.
  •       Strike the bird: You may consider finding a broom to stun the bird or keep it away from you, but this can seriously harm the bird and make it more difficult for the pigeon to get out of your home.

Contact A Pigeon Control Professional

If you’ve tried all of these steps and cannot get the pigeon out of your home, contact a professional Phoenix pigeon control company who understands pigeon behavior and will be able to find the best way to safely remove it from your home. Your pigeon control expert can also help you determine whether pigeons are nesting on or near your home and can recommend steps to take to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

Get Help With Pigeon Removal In Phoenix

If your home is suffering damage from troublesome pigeons, contact the local experts at AZ Pigeon Control & Removal. We specialize in effective techniques that not only remove these hazardous pests but also prevent them from coming back again. Protect your property from damage and prevent disease transmission from pigeons when you work with the professionals at AZ Pigeon Control & Removal. Contact us today to find affordable and effective solutions for your pigeon problems!


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