What Is The Best Way To Keep Pigeons Out Of My Garden?

Tips For Keeping Pigeons Out Of  Your Garden

After a summer of hard work tilling, planting, and weeding in your backyard garden, there are few things more disappointing than a flock of pigeons swooping in to steal your harvest and mercilessly destroy your beautiful fruits and vegetables. If your yard lacks effective Phoenix pigeon control, you’ll likely find pigeons and other pests wreaking havoc in your garden. They especially enjoy tender green plants, ripe vegetables, and budding fruit trees.

If you’re spending time in your garden and notice that the tops of your young plants have been chopped or bitten, if your fruit buds disappear for no apparent reason, or your tomatoes appear to have been pecked, pigeons are likely to blame. Pigeons are scavengers who love to eat almost anything, so almost everything in your garden, including berries, peppers, and leafy vegetables, are at risk of destruction.

Pigeons in the garden being controlled by AZ Pigeon Control

Pigeons Damaged My Garden. What Should I Do Now?

It’s reasonable to feel upset, angry, or disappointed about having pigeons destroy your garden or mess up your yard. The best first step in eliminating this problem is by allowing your emotions to subside so you can deal with the problem effectively. Remember that in many places, killing pigeons is not only illegal. It also does not do anything to prevent future pigeon infestations. Experts recommend against using poisons because of the risk of ingestion by pets and children, along with environmental concerns. It can be dangerous and may be illegal to use a pellet gun to shoot the pigeons. Before attempting any DIY methods of pigeon removal, be sure to check your local laws and exercise caution.

Don’t Waste Time With Ineffective Measures

Many people are eager to DIY their pigeon problem, but it’s usually best to get the job done right with the help of a Phoenix pigeon removal company. Traps may help with overpopulation, but typically will only remove a small percentage of the flock. Like poison, trapping pigeons won’t deter future flocks from moving in to your property and helping themselves to your garden. When pigeons are released from live traps, they often find their way back since not everyone has the time or patience to relocate birds a sufficient distance. Other popular DIY measures that are ineffective include mesh coverings and decoy birds.

What’s The Best Way To Protect My Garden From Pigeons?

Call in the professionals. An experienced team of Phoenix pigeon removal specialists is the most effective way to permanently eliminate pigeons from your garden. If your property is part of an HOA, ask your property manager to schedule an inspection and treatment for the entire area. Pigeons can be controlled most effectively when the entire neighborhood around your home is also being monitored and professionally treated for the infestation. Your HOA can enforce “no feed” rules and encourage proper maintenance of garbage cans and yard cleanup so that the birds will be forced to look elsewhere for nourishment. If you are not in an HOA, contact the experts to directly schedule an inspection and treatment plan for your property. An effective program will both deter pigeons and ethically remove any remaining stubborn birds. 

Generally, a professional Phoenix pigeon prevention program includes four basic steps:

  • Remove nesting birds. Once birds have been captured and existing nests have been removed from the area, behavioral methods can be employed to control the rest of the pigeons. 
  • Clean and decontaminate nesting and perching areas. A professional pigeon removal company will use a variety of advanced methods that decontaminate the area so there is no risk of illness from pigeons and so it is no longer an attractive roosting area for the birds. 
  • Eliminate any potential nesting areas. This step makes your property inhospitable for pigeon reproduction as another means of controlling the population.
  • Use behavioral modification techniques. Making your property undesirable to pigeons is the most effective way to prevent pigeons from returning and to deter future flocks from moving in. Phoenix pigeon pest prevention will help you understand how simple tricks can act as a sort of “invisible fence” around your property. 

One way that homeowners can assist is by making their property less attractive to pigeons. Remove any standing water that pigeons may be using for drinking. Clean up fallen fruit regularly and harvest ripe fruits as soon as possible. Collect plant material after pruning or harvesting so you are not unintentionally feeding pigeons. With cooperation between the homeowner and a professional pest removal company, your beloved garden can be safe from pigeon infestation!

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If pigeons are destroying your garden, call AZ Pigeon Control. Our team of experts is ready to get rid of your pigeon problem quickly, effectively, and affordably. We will create a comprehensive plan utilizing a variety of techniques to get rid of the pigeons for good! To get started, contact AZ Pigeon Control today!


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