Pigeon Removal Services: The Most Effective Pigeon Control Solution

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Pigeons In Arizona

Effectively controlling the pigeon population around your home or business can be a frustrating task. Pigeons are incredibly destructive to home, commercial building, sheds, and landscaping, not to mention their irritating noise, unpleasant odors, and health risks to humans. If you’re a business owner, you know just how discouraging and sometimes burdensome it is to keep throwing out money on treatment efforts and constant cleanup. Homeowners may be exasperated with their inability to enjoy a quiet evening on their shady patio. Maybe you’ve tried several DIY methods to get rid of the birds, but without success.

Many DIY efforts to eliminate pigeons from your home or business fail because they leave gaps that encourage these pesky birds to keep returning and nesting. The best way to effectively remove pigeons is to hire a professional Phoenix pigeon removal company who utilizes a variety of innovative techniques, such as behavior control methods, that deter pigeons from feeding and nesting on your property so they can be permanently eliminated and you can get back to enjoying your backyard.

One of the biggest challenges that people face while attempting to remove pigeons is their natural ability to adapt to environmental changes. If you’ve attempted DIY methods for even a short time, you’ll notice that making changes to your building is often unsuccessful and will not deter pigeons very effectively. They simply return, adapt to the new environment, and continue wreaking havoc. This is why common pigeon control techniques, such as spikes or netting, may help solve some of the problem, but are often unsuccessful in completely deterring the pigeon population that is destroying your property.

So what is the answer? Experienced Phoenix pigeon control is ready to help!

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Pigeons In Mesa, AZ.

Deterring Pigeon Populations The Right Way

Successful pigeon control methods require a basic knowledge of animal behavior. Scientists believe there are two ways to change an animal’s behavior: positive and negative reinforcement. A skilled pigeon removal specialist utilizes effective behavior control methods in order to create a sort of working relationship with the pigeons that deters them from nesting and gathering on your home or building, and removes them from the environment where they are in conflict with the humans who live there. These techniques use both positive and negative reinforcement methods for a comprehensive approach.

Steps To Effective Pigeon Removal

The first step in effective pigeon removal is eliminating whatever is attracting the pigeons to your home or business. Most often, this means removing food and water sources that you may not even realize exist. Identifying these unintentional sources is often the best way to get started with pigeon removal. Once they’ve been identified, they can be changed or removed. If pigeons cannot find food on your property, they will begin to look elsewhere.

Once food and water sources have been identified and eliminated, Phoenix pigeon removal works with you to begin operant conditioning procedures for the pigeons. This technique has some similarities to an invisible “fence” around your property. Potential and existing nesting spots are removed and decontaminated, along with any roosting locations. Removing pheromones from these popular roosting places will deter pigeons from returning to those locations. These measures also help eliminate pigeon odors and get your property on track toward looking great again.

Additional Methods Of Professional Pigeon Control

Live trapping and relocating is a humane method of pigeon removal that can be used alongside operant conditioning techniques and removal of food and water sources. This technique helps with pigeon overpopulation around your property and reduces the number of pigeons who will come back to roost or breed in the area. Trapping and relocating is considered to be an ethical method of pigeon control in areas that need management. Once professional methods have been in put place, you can get your business back to looking clean and healthy!

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