4 Ways Pigeon Control Services Can Help Save You Money

Phoenix Pigeon Control: An Affordable & Fast Method To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Are you finding yourself spending thousands of dollars every year, along with dozens of hours of your and your employees’ valuable time, cleaning up bird droppings around your home or commercial building? What about wasting time managing repairs and paying for the damage caused by pigeons who are nesting and roosting in your backyard or on your roof? If so, you’re not alone in your frustration.

In the Phoenix area, pigeon infestations are a common problem. These pesky birds especially love to spend their time on roofs, balconies, parking structures, and other areas where shelter is unintentionally provided and there is plenty of easy access to food. Unfortunately, pigeon feces can be harmful to humans. Since it is acidic, the feces can also cause extensive and expensive damage to your home, building, sidewalks, and outdoor appliances.

4 Ways Pigeon Control Services Can Help Save You Money

The best way to deal with this noisy, irritating, and unhealthy problem is to hire a Phoenix pigeon removal company who can eradicate the infestation in an affordable and effective way. There are many humane ways to manage pigeon infestations, plus several ways to prevent further nesting and roosting from occurring. Imagine the peacefully quiet evenings without pigeon cackle, not dealing with the smell or ugliness of pigeon feces, and no worrying about the potential negative health consequences from these pests or what your customers will think about pigeon droppings on the sidewalks around your business!

When you work with Phoenix pigeon removal specialists, this can be your reality! The experts will help save you money and time so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Never worry about these four expensive issues again:

1. Property Damage Due to Pigeons

It’s common knowledge that pigeon feces damage and contaminate the areas around your business. Even the paint and awnings around your commercial building can either become damaged and need replacement, or at minimum become unsightly, when bird droppings are repeatedly left on or around them. The materials and inventory that you work with or produce are at risk of infection or even becoming unusable – which is a perfect set up for losing money and production time at your company. Inventory, tools, and other company assets that become permanently damaged could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace. You’ll also lose money from lost employee work time. Your employees will be unable to work with damaged or contaminated equipment until the feces are properly cleaned, because even the dust from pigeon droppings is associated with significant health risks.

2. Damaged Reputation Due to Pigeons

When your commercial building is surrounded by bird feces, it’s not only unattractive to your customers and vendors, but can also prompt negative reviews and reduced business. Businesses who operate in the hospitality industry need to be especially aware of how pigeon noise is likely to promote guest complaints and negative reviews on popular websites or social media pages. Even worse, your business may end up liable for medical bills or lawsuits due to the diseases or injuries that can be associated with pigeon infestations.

If your company is in the restaurant or food industry, a pigeon infestation that is not well managed could put your business at risk for a health code violation – which is a frustrating, inconvenient, and potentially expensive situation to find yourself in! Protect the reputation of your business and save money in the long run by hiring Phoenix pigeon removal to keep your business clean and infestation-free.

3. Increased Costs Due to Pigeons

The clean up involved with pigeon droppings and nesting often means you’ll need to pay for daily or weekly maintenance around your business. Especially in today’s economy, the last thing businesses need is added unnecessary costs. Call Phoenix pigeon removal to effectively deal with the problem, so you can keep your employees productive in making money for your business, rather than continually cleaning up after a never-ending pigeon problem.

4. Extra Maintenance Due to Pigeons

Most businesses that own commercial buildings will need to pay for regular gutter and drain cleaning services. If your building is dealing with a pigeon infestation, it’s likely that you will end up paying for double or even triple the number of gutter maintenance than you would otherwise need to. One of the most frustrating parts of a pigeon infestation is the way that their droppings clog drains and gutters, producing an unattractive odor as well as causing additional problems for your business and parking lot.

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