6 Things a Trained Pigeon Removal Expert Knows that You Don’t

Amazing Pigeon Facts You Must Know In Arizona

Pigeons are an often overlooked bird that boast many unique characteristics. However, these unusual features are both interesting to learn about and can also be used by Arizona pigeon removal specialists to better understand how to trap and relocate these underestimated birds so they don’t become overpopulated pests in your backyard. Here are some amazing facts about this complex bird that you probably haven’t heard of before!

Amazing Pigeon Facts You Must Know In Phoenix, AZ

1. Pigeons Are Related To Doves

Many people are surprised to learn that pigeons are actually descendants of doves and are part of the same ornithological group, the Columbidae bird family. Ornithology is the study of birds. Since common grey pigeons were formerly cliff dwelling birds, they have the same widely recognized beak, body shape, and wingspan. However, as Phoenix pigeon control knows so well, pigeons have adapted to live very comfortably in cities, backyards, and urban areas.

2. Pigeons Produce Milk For Their Young

Pigeon removal specialists near Mesa know that pigeons have the very unusual characteristic of being able to produce milk. Even more amazing, it’s not just female pigeons, but also the male pigeons, who can create “crop milk” for their young. This milk-like substance is rich in protein, antioxidants, and other nutrients. It’s made in a pouch that pigeons have in their throats. Adult pigeons will feed this crop milk to their baby chicks to help nourish their bodies and boost their developing immune systems. Penguins and flamingos are the only other birds who have ever been recorded to have this extremely unusual ability.

3. Pigeons’ Distinctive Walk Is Advantageous

Most people use the distinctive walk that pigeons have to help them identify this common bird. Their heads bob as they move, and what most people don’t realize is that this head bob is done so that the pigeon can see better. If you watch closely, you may notice that the pigeon’s head is not really moving all that much. What’s really happening in one quick motion is that the bird moves forward to stabilize its vision while keeping its eyes still so that it can look for any potential predators or prey. After they get a quick glance, the pigeon will bring the rest of its body forward. These jerky movements may look funny, but gives pigeons an edge on any nearby dangers or food. It also means that Phoenix pigeon removal needs to use creative methods to trap these pesky birds!

4. Pigeons Have Acute Hearing

You may know that birds have extremely good vision, but may not realize that pigeons also have incredible hearing and can hear noises as quiet as 0.01 hz. In contrast, humans cannot hear anything below 12 hz, which means that pigeons can hear predators, storms, and other noises long before anyone else can – definitely a handy defense tool which makes them an extra challenge for Mesa pest control. Not many other animals have this kind of acute hearing skills.

5. Pigeons Mate For Life

Even though pigeons may all look the same to us, they are identifiable to one another. Coupling for life is a rare occurrence in zoology and ornithology, since only about 5% of all animal species stay with one mate for their lifetime. Like most other birds, pigeons share parenting duties equally, with both male and females producing crop milk for their young and caring for their chicks. A Phoenix pigeon removal company knows that this sharing of parental duties means prolific breeding – one pair of pigeons will raise a clutch of two chicks up to eight times in one year!

6. Pigeons Have Incomparable Navigational Skills

Pigeons can find their way over vast distances with an innate sense of direction. Most scientists believe that they use magnetoreception, which is a way of sensing direction using the magnetic fields within the earth. This enables pigeons to pinpoint both altitude and direction so they can find their way home. As you might imagine, these navigational skills add to the challenge Arizona pigeon removal faces in removing and relocating these birds.

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