Should We Consider Pigeons To Be Pests?

Why Pigeons Are a Problem For Your Home Or Business In Arizona

Often described as “rats with wings” or “flying rats,” feral pigeons who swarm busy city streets, flock to parking lots, and make their homes in roofs and under solar panels are considered to be a real nuisance by most people. But are they pests? Is their presence a problem beyond the annoyance that they cause?

It’s very common to spot feral pigeons perching in busy areas around town centers. In their search for food, they flock to parks, garbage dumpsters, and even restaurants, looking for scraps. This is why many people consider them to be similar to rats and other rodents. Typically, pigeons build their nests close to a convenient food source to make it easier to raise their young. However, if this happens to be near your home or business, you may be more aware than others of the problems these annoying birds can create and understand why you need Phoenix pigeon control.

Why Pigeons Are a Problem For Your Home Or Business In Arizona

Are Pigeons Vermin?

Vermin is a term that refers to noxious, objectionable, or dirty animals. Unfortunately, this description is subjective, which means that it comes down to individual opinion and that there is no legal description of birds or other pests that are considered to be vermin. Feral pigeons are generally considered to be a nuisance and health risk, as well as a source of irritation, feces, and building damage. Because of this, Phoenix pigeon removal specialists are able to legally remove pigeons from homes and businesses.

What Types Of Damage Do Pigeons Cause?

Most people agree that pigeons are a nuisance. A flock of pigeons choosing to nest and roost in your roof is far from ideal. Whether you define them as a pest or not, there’s no doubt that they cause significant damage to buildings and create risk to public health and safety. Some of the damage that pigeons cause include:

  • Build up of pigeon feces, called guano, is corrosive, so it will damage metal roofs and building materials.
  • Pigeon feathers and remnants of nesting materials clog gutters and drains.
  • Guano contains bacteria that can spread disease to humans and other birds.
  • Guano buildup not only poses health risks, but safety risks of slipping and falling.
  • Pigeon nesting and roosting causes damage to roof tiles and solar panels.
  • The noise produced by pigeons calling to each other and rearing their young is an annoying nuisance when it takes place near homes or businesses.

What Should I Do If I Have a Pigeon Infestation?

Even if you classify pigeons to be pests and in the same category as rats, they are a different species and require a multi-faceted approach to eradication. It’s generally considered unethical to poison or otherwise kill pigeons, a strategy that can also cause risk of death or sickness to other bird species, beneficial insects, and even children and pets. The best option is to contact Phoenix pigeon prevention to develop strategies that will eliminate the pigeon population and prevent future infestations. An experienced pest control company will advise on how to follow the law and how utilize the most effective methods to eliminate your pigeon problem.

Where Do Pigeons Build Their Nests?

When building their nests, pigeons tend to look for sheltered areas that will protect them predators and the elements. This is why you don’t usually find pigeon nests in trees or shrubs, like other birds. Some of the most common places to find pigeon nests include:

  • Beneath solar panels
  • Along building ledges and edging
  • Under bridges
  • Inside barns, garages, sheds, and other outbuildings
  • In lofts or even roof spaces

How Do I Prevent Pigeon Infestations?

The best way to comprehensively prevent pigeon infestations is by calling Phoenix pigeon pest prevention. The experts can help you find all the hidden ways you may be unintentionally encouraging pigeon nesting. However, there are some general principles to consider.
Pigeons need a food source. If your business is in the city or you live in town, it’s much easier for pigeons to find a suitable nesting location. Eliminate food sources by covering your garbage, cleaning up your yard, and managing waste properly. In areas around your home such as ledges or solar panels, consider bird netting or landing spikes. Keep your garden and porch tidy. Remove yard debris such as twigs and leaves so that pigeons cannot easily find nesting materials.
It’s up to you if you want to define pigeons as pests, but if you have an infestation around your home or business, you will certainly agree that Phoenix pigeon removal is needed.

Effective Pigeon Control In Phoenix, AZ

If pigeons are wreaking havoc around your home or business, call AZ Pigeon Control to get rid of the problem. Our experienced technicians utilize the most up-to-date and effective measures available so you can safely enjoy a clean, quiet yard. Protect your property by giving AZ Pigeon Control a call today!


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