The Importance of Humane Pigeon Control Solutions Vs Extermination

Pigeons are loud, smelly, and can quickly overpopulate a small area. You may have tried some DIY pigeon removal methods without much success, and may be feeling completely overwhelmed with the pigeon infestation in your yard. While some people immediately reach for the pigeon poison or other extermination methods, Phoenix pigeon removal specialists highly recommend hiring a knowledgeable pigeon removal company in Phoenix that employs humane methods of pigeon control as opposed to lethal tactics. Here are a few reasons why.

2 pigeons near a house

Many Birds are Legally Protected

One of the biggest driving reasons for choosing humane Phoenix pigeon control methods is because many birds are actually protected by law. Yes, even those obnoxious pigeons! In some states, it is illegal to shoot pigeons or employ other extermination tactics, and sometimes that law even varies between counties within the state.

In other areas, the law determines it illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits, which means nobody should be shooting anything. Some laws determine that pigeon shooting is acceptable only if those pigeons are harming crops or animals.

The legal complexities can be quite tough to wade through, and nobody wants to be slapped with a surprise fine or loss of their firearm due to misunderstanding a law. Rather than ending up with a misdemeanor or worse on your record, find a local Phoenix pigeon pest prevention company that can provide professional help with humane control methods.

Humane Methods are Highly Effective

Contrary to what many people think, humane Phoenix pigeon prevention methods are actually quite effective. Not only can these methods fully eradicate a stubborn pigeon infestation, but they can also successfully prevent those pigeons from ever coming back and reestablishing themselves.

Lethal methods such as shooting or poisoning may temporarily eradicate a pigeon flock, but new pigeons will quickly come along and settle in their place. This leads to continually needing to employ lethal methods that could be illegal or cause harm to the immediate area. If you are struggling with a stubborn pigeon flock, talk to your local pigeon prevention team. They may have effective humane methods you have never considered, that are highly effective in both eradication and prevention.

Lethal Methods Can Harm Other Wildlife

Lastly, consider that using poison or other lethal methods of pigeon eradication will harm not only the pigeons, but other birds and wildlife. One example is shock tracks, a small metal track placed on window ledges that gives a quick zap to anything that touches it. While this may keep pigeons away without actually hurting them, any smaller harmless birds that land on the same area will immediately be zapped to death. The same goes for butterflies, moths, any small mammals or rodents, and more.

If you are considering the use of poison as a means of pigeon control, think ahead to what will happen after a pigeon ingests the poison and dies. What if a fox, a coyote, or worse, your child or the family dog, happens upon that dead pigeon out in the yard? They will likely either eat it or play with it, and be exposed to the poison and toxins themselves, along with any bacteria present in the decomposing bird. By poisoning one part of the food chain, you are effectively creating a hazardous path for any other creature further along the chain.

What are Humane Methods?

So what are these effective humane methods? While a professional pigeon proofing company serving Phoenix will likely have even more to choose from, these tactics essentially comprise of manipulating the pigeons and the environment, so they no longer view your home as a safe nesting place. This includes:

– Relocation of the pigeon flock
– Adjusting the core nesting zones for the flock
– Removing the nesting birds and flock leaders so the group will follow (similar to bees and their queen)
– Using conditioning methods to essentially train the birds where to nest
– Using cleaning methods that remove pheromones to discourage the birds from breeding and reproducing
– Establishing practices that will encourage a pigeon-free environment and remove any attractive potential nesting spots

Hire a Professional

While many humane methods are easy DIY projects, some require a trained professional such as AZ Pigeon Control & Removal. Our team of specialists are extremely knowledgeable in pigeon removal and prevention methods, and have an excellent success rate in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. With five-star ratings on Google, Yelp, and the BBB, AZ Pigeon Control & Removal can be trusted with even the most stubborn horde of pigeon pests. We only use humane approaches and keep up to date with the latest trends and newest methods. Call us today at (480) 694-4007 to learn more about our services!

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