Precautions You Can Take to Repel Pigeons in Arizona

Pigeons and effective Phoenix pigeon control are always a concern, no matter where you live. Whether in an urban setting or rural, these pests are obnoxious, persistent, and carry diseases wherever they roam. Expert Phoenix pigeon removal companies warn that pigeons carry ticks and mites, along with all kinds of toxic bacteria in their droppings. They live in hordes, so any place they nest is left filthy and unusable.

If you are struggling with a stubborn horde of pigeons and need expert tips on pigeon proofing and pigeon pest prevention, continue reading to learn more. Your home or business is a valuable asset, and AZ Pigeon Control wants to help you protect your home and finances from pigeon damage.

Pigeons in an Arizona roof

Avoid Being Attractive

One of the simplest and most effective Phoenix pigeon prevention methods is to avoid being a pigeon magnet in the first place. If you keep these pests from ever being attracted to your home and yard, and keep them from settling in, your pigeon issues will be very minimal.

So how do you avoid being a pigeon magnet? If you have birdhouses, make sure they have small holes to keep pigeons out, and place them far away from your home in the event that pigeons do try to make it work. A pigeon’s diet consists mainly of fruit and seeds, so hang up landscape fabric over your garden to keep the pigeons out. Keep in mind that pigeons are scavengers by nature, so if they do not have access to your garden, they will get into your garbage or just about anything else they can find. Anytime you eat outside, be sure to bring in all garbage, scraps, or dishes, and keep any outdoor trash cans tightly sealed to avoid attracting pigeons or other wildlife.

Other Pigeon Repellent Methods

There are quite a few pigeon repellent and Phoenix pigeon removal methods out there. Some are effective, others not so much. Fake owls or other fake predators can have the desired effect, but not if they are always in the exact same place. You will need to remember to move them around to continue fooling the pigeons.

You will also need to discourage roosting by not having opportunities available for them to take advantage of. Bird spikes are a common option that makes roosting uncomfortable for pigeons. Additionally, insulation wire is an excellent option to make your balcony or deck seem less appealing for roosting. Be sure to cover your vents with screens to prevent pigeons from attempting to nest inside them.

AZ Pigeon Control

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, pigeons still find their way into a roosting spot. If pigeons have started nesting around your home, yard, or outbuildings, in spite of your best efforts to repel them, consider calling AZ Pigeon Control right away. Our top-rated Phoenix pigeon removal specialists are experts in effective pigeon control and are uniquely qualified to employ a variety of eradication methods. We are committed to using humane, safe methods that are proven effective, so that your home or business can remain free of a pigeon infestation. Call AZ Pigeon Removal today at (480) 694-4007 to learn more!

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