How Pigeons Can Impact the Integrity of Your Property

Pigeons may seem pretty harmless. Depending on where you live and how many pigeons you’re used to seeing on a daily basis, pigeons may seem like a nuisance, but otherwise, they might just seem like a routine part of the landscape. No worse than squirrels you might see everywhere at the park.

However, when you see pigeons gathering at your home, your perception is likely to change. Those seemingly harmless birds are now pooping all over your property and nesting in your roof or other parts of your house. They may be making a lot of noise or harassing your family by begging for food. But, once you talk to a pigeon control expert in Mesa, you may learn that these pesky birds are actually causing a much bigger problem. Here are just a few ways that pigeons can impact the integrity of your property:

Pigeons on the roof

Cause Roof Damage

Pigeons don’t usually just sit on your roof for a rest and then fly off. They often build nests in areas on the roof or under the eaves. They can clog the gutters, which can cause water to spread back under your roof and create extensive damage. They can cause pieces of siding or flashing to come loose. They can cause holes in areas of your roof where they try to nest or seek shelter. Even if the pigeons do just sit on your roof, their constant defecation can cause the roofing materials to break down over time.

You need to work with a Mesa pigeon control expert to keep these pests off of your roof. You’ll protect your roof from costly damage and prolong the life of your investment.

Spread Disease

As previously mentioned, pigeons poop. A lot. They create a real mess on your property if they decide to stick around and stay awhile. Not only is all that pigeon feces unsightly, but it can also spread disease. Some of the common diseases caused by pigeon poop include histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis, all of which cause uncomfortable symptoms like chest pains and fever.

You can reduce the risk of disease by clearing away the pigeon droppings and any feathers that fall around the area. But cleaning the droppings also puts you at risk of infection. Hire a Mesa pest control company to get rid of the pigeons and take care of the problem for you. The professionals have the right protective tools to prevent infection while they are taking care of the problem.

Increase the Risk of Fire

Pigeons don’t build their nests out of flame-resistant cloth. They build it out of dry scraps of straw, twigs, leaves, and other highly flammable materials. Arizona is home to some intensely hot weather, and the high temperatures are not a good mix with all those dry materials close to your home. Even a small spark or smolder could cause your home to catch fire. When a fire starts on your roof, it can be hard to detect at first, which means that it will have more time to spread and to get stronger before you take action.

Pigeons are more than just a nuisance. They are a threat to your home and your family’s health and safety. If you notice pigeons spending time around your house, you need to take action quickly. Don’t give them time to set up a nest and to start spreading. Call a local pest control company serving Mesa to inspect your home and to put measures in place to prevent pigeons from nesting. The company can also remove any pigeons that are currently there and handle cleanup of nests and debris.

Call AZ Pigeon Control and Removal if you are experiencing problems with pigeons in the Mesa area. Our experienced pigeon control experts can identify the source of your pigeon problem and put measures in place that will keep pigeons out and deter them from returning to your property. We work with both residential and commercial property owners to keep their properties clean and free of contaminants. We take a unique approach to pigeon control that gets immediate and long-lasting results. Call us in Mesa today to consult with a pigeon control specialist and to get an estimate for your pigeon removal and prevention methods.

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