Pigeon-Related Diseases & How to Avoid Them

While pigeons are commonly seen as pesky little garbage-eaters who leave droppings everywhere, there are actually serious health risks associated with their infestations. The illnesses caused by pigeon droppings are quite serious and can even be fatal, which is why Phoenix pigeon prevention methods are so crucial to implement in apartment complexes, parks, and other areas where people typically gather. Here are a few pointers from some reputable Phoenix pigeon removal services about the symptoms of these diseases and how to avoid getting sick.

Pigeon-Related Diseases & How to Avoid Them


Histoplasmosis is a dangerous infection caused by the Histoplastoma capsulatum fungus. The fungus lives in pigeon droppings because it is a damp, rich material full of organic matter, and most fungi thrive in that type of environment. Because these fungus spores are extremely lightweight and float effortlessly through the air, they can be easily sucked into air vents found on apartment buildings and other living areas. Additionally, every time the pigeon poop is bumped or crumbled, more spores are released into the air, waiting to find a host to infect.

Symptoms of a Histoplasmosis infection range from mild to very severe. If someone has a mild infection from the spores, there might not even be any noticeable symptoms. In bigger infections, though, common symptoms include fever, headache, cough, muscle aches, and chest discomfort. Some people may even experience joint pain or an unexplained rash. If the infection is persistent and becomes chronic, the host can lose weight quickly. Severe cases begin to affect every organ in the body, from the skin, to the liver, to the kidneys, and more. These cases can easily become fatal, if left untreated. While this level of infection is rare, babies and those with compromised immunity are more susceptible to it.

The easiest way to avoid contracting Histoplasmosis is by avoiding pigeon poop. It is important to remember that Histoplasmosis cannot be spread from one person to another; the only method of transmission is by actually inhaling the fungal spores. It is best to hire a knowledgeable Phoenix pigeon pest control company that has been trained in safe methods of pigeon poop removal. They will have the correct tools, gear, and respirators necessary for thorough pigeon waste removal, and will assist with effective Phoenix pigeon control methods as well. Additionally, they can determine if your air ducts need professional cleaning or other maintenance to remove any remote fungal spores and protect your family’s health.


Cryptococcus is a yeast-like fungus that lives in the pigeon droppings, and can also be found in soil contaminated by pigeon poop. It is contracted by breathing in dust or water droplets contaminated with the fungus. Symptoms are very similar to Histoplasmosis, although tend to be less severe overall. Again, typically those with compromised immune systems will be more at risk of contracting Cryptococcus from breathing in fungal spores.

Additional health risks associated with pigeon droppings include Psittacosis (a flu-like illness), Salmonella, and a few others. Mainly, the key actions to take to avoid contracting these diseases include washing your hands if you have come into contact with pigeon droppings, avoid touching your nose and mouth, and always wash your hands before eating or drinking. If you have been feeding or handling any birds, you should always wash your hands immediately.

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