Gilbert Pest Control Experts On Solving Your Pigeon Infestation

Critical Steps To Resolve Your Bird Pest

You might like to sit in the park and watch the pigeons as they hop around on the paths, ruffle their feathers, and peck for scraps of bread. But what you aren’t going to like is looking up and seeing pigeons roosting under your roof eaves. You aren’t going to like seeing holes in the side of your house, and you aren’t going to like to see piles of pigeon poop everywhere around your property.

Unfortunately, pigeons are a big problem in Phoenix. Since the weather is warm most of the year, pigeons can be a problem all year long. They have a regular supply of food and water, and they can easily find warm shelter. Many of them find that shelter in Phoenix homes. If they set up in your home, you’ll need to contact pigeon removal specialists to get them out.

Critical Steps To Resolve Your Pigeon Pest

The Dangers Of Bird Diseases

Pigeons are more than just a nuisance. You can’t just ignore them and be at peace. If you ignore the pigeons, they are likely to proliferate, and the dangers they pose can grow.

Pigeons pose a threat to your Phoenix home and to the health of your family. At first, the pigeons might just rest in whatever nook they can find near your roof. Over time, they will peck and claw new openings in your roof, and they will get into your attic and nest. The damage they cause can also allow water to penetrate your home and to create even more damage.

Pigeons also poop. A lot. The poop they spread all around your house and your property. Their feces is acidic and corrosive, and it can create more damage to your house and anything it lands on, including your vehicle. The feces can also spread disease, which can make your family seriously ill.

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

You can’t just wave a broomstick at the pigeons nesting around your house and get rid of them. Once they find a good spot that they like, they aren’t going to leave easily. Don’t believe that? Just look around a park where the pigeons are regularly fed and see how easy it is to get them to leave.

You need to call a pigeon removal company in Phoenix to really get the pigeons out and to keep them out. Many pigeon removal specialists will use humane methods to remove the pigeons. They will trap them and relocate them to a more suitable area that will be both appealing to the birds and – most importantly – not your home. After the pigeons are gone, the pigeon removal specialists will then reinforce the area to ensure that the pigeons are not able to nest in the area again. The measures will keep any other pigeons from taking up residence in that part of your home later also. You’ll have long-lasting protection for your home against pigeons and any other types of birds that might want to perch there.

Don’t think that pigeons are harmless or even “cute.” These are nasty creatures that will settle into your home and won’t leave. All the while, they will damage your home and spread feces around your property that can make you and your family sick. Call a reputable pigeon removal company as soon as you spot these winged pests flapping around your home. The sooner you can put preventive measures in place, the sooner you can protect your home. If you have pigeons already in your home, the experts can remove them, and you can start making repairs to put an end to the spread of damage.

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Contact AZ Pigeon Control and Removal in Phoenix today if you have pigeons plaguing your home or if you just want to put preventive measures in place to ensure that you never do. We are experts at safe pigeon removal. We offer humane pigeon removal solutions, as well as effective pigeon prevention measures. We can ensure that no pigeons remain in your home and that none return to damage it again. We’re a top-rated Phoenix pigeon removal company thanks to our professional service and our reliable results. Call AZ Pigeon Control and Removal today to learn more about your pigeon pest prevention options or to schedule a service.



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