3 Ways You’re Fostering the Perfect Environment for Pigeons

How To Get Rid of Pigeons In Phoenix, AZ

Pigeons often get a pass in conversations about pest control. You might think of roaches as a bigger threat than these birds, which seemingly just perch outside your home harmlessly. They don’t even make noise! But pigeons can actually cause extensive damage to your home with their nesting behaviors and their feces, and they can spread disease and illness to your family and your pets. They are a big problem, and they shouldn’t be tolerated. You need to implement proper pigeon control immediately.

You may not realize it, but you may be encouraging the pests to nest around your home and to remain there. In addition to calling a pigeon removal company in Phoenix, you need to make changes to your own behaviors to keep the pigeons out. Here are three things you may be doing to foster the perfect environment for pigeons around your home:

Pigeon Nest In A Phoenix Home

Sources of Food For Pigeons

Like all pests, pigeons need a steady source of food and water, and they are attracted to locations that provide it. The food source doesn’t have to be directly where pigeons nest – which is often in the eaves of your home – but it does have to be nearby. That means that trash cans, compost, and even leaf litter that shelters rodents and pests can be sources of food. Standing water around your home, including bird baths, can also be sources for pigeons.

You need to not only remove these sources of food and water, but you also need to implement comprehensive pigeon control measures to ensure that there are no other pests about that are serving as food for the pigeons.

Providing Shelter for Pigeons

Pigeons make their nests in small spaces around the edges of your home. That can be a small nook in your roof, under your eave, or even under a solar panel. You might be surprised to learn how small a space a pigeon needs to feel right at home.

Unfortunately, the space that pigeons are making their home is also your home, so you can’t eliminate it. But you can eliminate the opportunities they have to make themselves welcome. Professional pigeon control measures focus on removing these spaces or barring access to them. High-quality netting can be put in place to keep the pigeons out, as well as other barriers. Don’t try to put these measures in place yourself. You need a professional who has access to the right materials and who has the training to put these measures in place effectively. Trying to do the work yourself can put your home at risk by giving you a false sense of confidence when you have an ineffective solution in place.

Procrastinating While Pigeons are Nesting Around Your Home

You might see a pigeon perched up on your roof one day and think it’s an oddity or even that it’s cute. Maybe you notice a small bit of nesting material and think that you need to knock it down but that you’ll get to it later. At first, the pigeons might not seem like much of a problem. But the longer you procrastinate, the bigger a problem they will become. They will grow in number, and their damage will spread.

You need to call a pigeon removal company as soon as you notice signs of pigeons nesting around your home. The professionals will come and remove the pigeons humanely and then put measures in place to ensure that the pigeons cannot return to nest again. Your home will be protected from further damage, and you won’t have to worry about the health threat that the pigeons pose any more.

Call a Professional Pigeon Control Company In Phoenix

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