How Working With a Pigeon Control Expert Can Give You The Best Results

How a Phoenix Pigeon Removal Company Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Pigeon Infestation

Pigeons can be a major nuisance for Phoenix homeowners. They can nest under the eaves of your home and around other areas of your roof. They can cause major damage to your home, and they can spread disease and illness with their feces. Once they make their nests on your home, it can seem they’re impossible to get rid of.

Fortunately, getting rid of them is not impossible. You just need to work with a pigeon removal expert in Phoenix to get effective and long-lasting results. Here’s how a pigeon removal company will help:

Remove All Unintentional Food & Water Sources To Stop Attracting Pigeons

So long as pigeons can find food and water around your home, they aren’t going to want to leave it. The food and water supply is what attracts them, and it’s what keeps them there. One of the first things a pigeon removal specialist will do is search for the sources of food and water around your home and make recommendations or work with you to remove them.

  • The pigeon control specialist may make suggestions such as:
  • Ensure that all trash cans and recycling bins are firmly closed, with the lid weighted
  • Keep pet food indoors
  • Clean up all pet waste (pigeons will eat this, too!)
  • If you must use bird feeders, use feeders that are meant only for smaller birds, and clean up any seed on the ground
  • Empty all outdoor containers so that they do not keep standing water
  • Cover water tanks, ponds, or taps with netting to keep out pigeons and other pests

Pigeons may get creative in their search for food or water. You can make it a lot harder for them to find it on your property so that they will be forced to look elsewhere for it.

Block Areas of Shelter To Prevent Pigeon Nests

One of the main reasons that pigeons end up on your property is that they are looking for shelter and they have found it. Pigeons might nest in the trees that are too close to your property, creating a problem, or they might nest under your solar panels, little nooks in your roof, and other spots around your home, leading to damage.

When the pigeons’ nest is your home, you can’t just remove their nest. That’s why you need a pigeon control specialist. The specialists will recommend:

  • Adding netting or plastic barriers to solar panels to block entry points
  • Putting netting around other alcoves or gaps around your home or roof, including vents or beams
  • Adding pitch to flat surfaces where pigeons like to nest

The Phoenix pigeon control company will help you understand the best solutions to use for your property, based on its characteristics and where the pigeons have been nesting.

Disrupt Their Comfort With An Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

You can also make your home a lot less hospitable to pigeons by making the area a lot less comfortable for them. One popular solution is to employ high-pitched sounds that will annoy the birds and drive them away. You can use an ultrasonic bird repeller that puts out a high, ultrasonic sound that annoys the birds but that people cannot hear.

Using these sounds will not harm the birds – it will just keep them away. The sounds can also deter other pests from coming to your property. You can install a device on your property for long-lasting protection against infestations.

Pigeons can be a major nuisance that threaten your property and the health of your family and pets. You don’t have to endure them any longer than necessary. Call a reputable pigeon control company to implement effective solutions to remove the pigeons already on your property and to keep other pigeons from nesting.

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