Does Pigeon Prevention Positively Impact Other Species?

Phoenix’s Pest Control Technicians Explain Some Humane Pigeon Control Options

Pigeons are pests. They are loud and stinky, and quickly take over a small space such as your roof or yard. Many homeowners have tried some do-it-yourself pigeon removal methods with little or no success. Or maybe it works for a while, but then new pigeons move in. When a pigeon infestation persists despite your attempts to remove them, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed or frustrated. Many people will want to reach for poison or other extermination methods to deal with their pigeon problem. Other homeowners prefer to seek more positive methods of pigeon control such as relocation and prevention, since poison can negatively impact other bird and animal species in the area. For the best results, find an experienced pigeon removal specialist in Arizona who employs humane methods instead of lethal methods.

Poisoning is a widely accepted method of bird or pigeon removal. However, it carries inherent risk to the landscape and other species within the area. In an article published in March 2018, Audubon Conversation Director Bob Sallinger described a situation in the Portland area in which a large number of crows were intentionally baited and overdosed with poison, causing them to seize while flying and fall dead from the sky. This caused quite a bit of alarm from local residents and left other animals at risk from the carcasses.

Does Pigeon Prevention Positively Impact Other Species?

Guidelines concerning pesticide application for pigeon removal include licensure, strict dosage instructions and a requirement that the dead carcasses be collected by the pesticide administrator. This is because the poison can sicken or kill others who come in contact with the carcass – including children, family dogs and cats, raccoons, and more. The poison may also be washed into the ground and water supply, posing a health hazard for humans and for animals. In general, conservationists believe that the poison is an inhumane way to manage pigeon control, and that the risk of poison is greater than any benefits.

A pigeon removal specialist is your best bet for avoiding poison and utilizing humane methods of pigeon removal or pigeon pest prevention. The good news for you and your neighborhood is that these methods are also very effective! Pigeon proofing and removal is also safe for other species you may actually want in your yard, such as songbirds and butterflies, and also protects your children and pets. Here are a few humane pigeon control options for you to consider.

Trapping & Relocation

This humane pigeon control method involves installing live traps in areas where the pigeons like to roost. A pigeon removal company can then transport the unharmed pigeons to a new area where they cannot find their way back to your home.

Eliminating Food & Water Sources

A Phoenix pigeon prevention specialist can walk through your yard to help identify potential places where pigeons are finding food and water. When these sources are removed, pigeons may naturally choose to relocate themselves to an area with better resources.

Anti-Pigeon Roosting Equipment

Bird control spikes, also called anti-roosting spikes or pigeon spikes, are a popular and very successful method of pigeon pest prevention. These spikes can be installed along roof lines, balcony railings, or other areas where pigeons frequently roost, and completely prevent them from being able to land, while also being humane and not injuring the birds. You’ll be happy to know that properly installed bird control spikes are almost invisible and won’t negatively affect your home’s aesthetics – in fact, the quiet and cleanliness from the lack of pigeons will be nothing but positive!

Nesting Prevention

Pigeon removal specialists can suggest minor alterations to the exterior of your home or commercial building in order to block off the areas where pigeons can nest. This will force them to move to another area. Humane ways to prevent nest building include sealing up cracks and gaps outside your home and installing netting to block pigeons from entering certain areas.

When you choose humane methods of pigeon control with a Phoenix pigeon prevention company, you can feel confident you are making the best decision for your home, your family, the environment, and the other animal species who share our ecosystem.

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