The Dangers a Pigeon Infestation Can Pose to Your Apartment Complex

Pigeons love to make homes out of practically anything. If they can find an area with high places to roost, food sources (including garbage cans and dumpsters!), and protected areas to build a nest, they will make it their home. Apartment complexes are actually the ideal setup for pigeons since all the necessary boxes get checked off.

Unfortunately, once pigeons find a comfortable place to settle, it can be almost impossible to completely eradicate them and keep them from coming back. This can be extremely frustrating to apartment complex managers, who have plenty of other items on their to-do list that are of higher priority than shooing pigeons away from their buildings. Thankfully, with the help of a certified Arizona pigeon control expert, these pesky birds can be permanently kept away. If you are an apartment complex manager dealing with persistent pigeons, read ahead to learn more.

The Dangers a Pigeon Infestation Can Pose to Your Apartment Complex

Health Risk

While pigeons may be cute and fun to watch, they are actually more than just a mild annoyance. They are loud, disruptive, and very messy. Pigeons are obviously birds, and as such, they can create many health hazards, mainly from their droppings. Pigeon droppings carry a multitude of fungus, bacteria, and other dangerous germs that can cause detrimental infections in people. If these droppings are near the vents of an apartment unit, the infectious airborne spores can enter into the air ducts and be released into people’s homes, creating an extremely hazardous air supply. When the droppings accumulate on playground equipment, sidewalks, grills, benches and tables, or other areas frequented by people, these areas become a risk and no longer safe for community.

You as the apartment manager are responsible for keeping these community areas clean and free of pigeon excrement, which is essentially impossible when large groups of pigeons are present. Failure to do so means you are liable if someone happens to get sick, or worse, from the pigeon droppings. While it may just be a simple infection in a young healthy person, remember that any elderly, very young, or immunocompromised individuals can become extremely sick or even die from the bacteria. It is critical to be vigilant about the risk.

Abatement Applies to the Entire Complex

Typical abatement measures include deterrents such as bird netting and screening, bird control spikes, and other similar techniques. If pigeons have taken up residence at your apartment complex, it is likely they have only invaded a small area. They tend to live and nest close together, for their safety. Because of this clustering, sometimes people think that they only need to take prevention and abatement measures in those specific areas. However, Arizona pigeon control needs to be applied to the entire apartment complex, not just the immediately affected area. If you drive pigeons out of their area, chances are they will simply take up residence close by where abatement measures have not been applied. For successful prevention of pigeon invasions, abatement techniques must be applied consistently and comprehensively throughout the entire apartment complex.

The Residents Must Take Action Too

In order to effectively eradicate a pigeon infestation from your apartment complex, the residents must be on board with the efforts being made. One of the biggest complications is residents continuing to feed the pigeons, whether intentionally or inadvertently. For your pigeon management efforts to be truly effective, you will need to institute a mandatory ban on any activities that interfere with the abatement. You may possibly even need to charge a fine for violating the rules.

Consider sending out an email or holding a meeting with the residents of your complex to explain the abatement plan. When residents know what to expect and the reason why there will be rules and fines, they are much more likely to be on board with your efforts. Additionally, they are most likely as eager to get rid of the pigeons as you are. Remember that all these rules will need to remain in place even after the pigeon infestation has been eradicated, in order to prevent more birds flocking back to the complex in the future.

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of a pigeon infestation is to use a professional, licensed company, such as AZ Pigeon Control and Removal. Because pigeons are actually quite intelligent and tenacious, when they find a safe area they like, they will continue trying to return to it. A trained, professional Arizona pigeon removal team will help provide a permanent solution to a pigeon infestation, rather than simply scattering the pigeons temporarily.

Additionally, AZ Pigeon Control will provide regular maintenance to ensure your bird deterrents are in place and working correctly. Having a pigeon control company that you trust available to call with any questions or concerns will go a long way in making sure the pigeons do not return, and will help give you peace of mind as an apartment manager. AZ Pigeon Control can take the lead on your battle with pigeons, freeing you up to focus on other important duties as an apartment complex manager.

If you feel ready to give up in your fight with a bird infestation, do not hesitate to call AZ Pigeon Control and Removal. Our certified specialists will keep pigeons away from your apartment with comprehensive and humane control measures, and have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with even the most stubborn pigeon populations. Call us today for a free inspection, and find out why many of your Arizona neighbors trust us!

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