4 Humane Pigeon Control Methods to Keep Your Property Safe

Pigeons can be nasty little creatures. Many think of them like rats with wings. Others are more generous and believe the birds to be beautiful but definitely a nuisance at times.

No matter your opinion of pigeons, the truth remains that they pose a serious risk to your property and the people on your property, whether they be your family or your customers. Pigeons carry bacteria and parasites that can spread disease and infection, they can cause serious damage to your property, and their poop and debris can be slippery and cause people to fall and injure themselves.

You can work with an Arizona pigeon control company to keep the birds off your property to prevent damage and keep people safe. Here are four humane pigeon control methods that you might want to consider:

4 Humane Pigeon Control Methods to Keep Your Property Safe

Get a Decoy

Even pigeons have natural predators, and they aren’t going to hang around if they think they see one. Owls are among the most effective predators of pigeons, and you can keep the birds away from your property just by making them think that a huge owl is there waiting to make them lunch.

Many decoys are available that look like big owls or other birds of prey. You can prop one on the corner of your roof or anywhere else that pigeons are a problem. Just be sure that it is properly fastened so that it doesn’t fall down and also doesn’t damage your property. You might also consider moving the decoy around from time to time so that the pigeons don’t get used to it and it loses its effectiveness. Some decoys even having moving heads to simulate natural movement.

Apply Reflective Tape

Reflective tape has fractals across it that create a disco ball out of your roof, essentially. The tape scatters sunlight in all directions, creating a chaotic scene for pigeons and scaring them off. The tape will also make the birds disoriented, which will make them less likely to land on your property.
The reflective tape isn’t actually sticky. It’s more like a strip than an actual piece of tape, so you have flexibility in how you want to apply it to your property (and where). Just be sure you don’t adhere it in a way that will damage anything, such as nailing it to your shingles.

Use a Sticky Goo

Bird repellent gel is a sticky gel that you can apply to areas where pigeons might like to perch or nest. The translucent paste has a nasty smell that repels pigeons. But even if you get a nose-blind pigeon or one who doesn’t seem to mind gross smells, the gel has a sticky feel that most pigeons won’t like, so they aren’t likely to stay if they do land.

Bird repellent gel is humane as it does not injure the birds or make them sick. It does not have poison, and it will not trap pigeons if they land on it.

Get an Ultrasonic Repeller

There are many high-pitched sounds that animals can hear but people cannot. Just as you would imagine, animals don’t like to hear those sounds any more than we would. You can keep pigeons away from your property by installing an ultrasonic repeller that emits these high-pitched sounds that only they (and other animals) can hear.

You don’t have to worry that you are torturing the birds and other wildlife around your property. The ultrasonic repeller has a motion sensor on it so that it goes off only when something is close to it. Think of it like a small alarm to tell the birds to get off your roof!

You don’t have to choose between your ideals and keeping your property safe. You can keep the pigeons away while also using humane methods to do so. Just work with a pigeon control company that offers a variety of solutions and that has the experience and know-how to get long-lasting results.

AZ Pigeon Control and Removal has the solutions and the expertise to deal with your pigeon problem humanely and to ensure that it doesn’t return. We offer a variety of solutions that can be tailored to your property. Our technicians will first inspect your property and determine the circumstances that are attracting the pigeons to decide on the appropriate solutions. We’ll work with you to develop a long-term strategy to ensure that the pesky birds don’t return. Call us today to learn more about our pigeon control services or to schedule an inspection.

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