You might not think much of pigeons until you find them roosting on your roof. The smooth, grey birds can actually look pretty, but they have a well-deserved reputation for being a nuisance. Once they find a place they like to rest, they aren’t likely to leave any time soon.

The Unexpected Hazards of an Arizona Pigeon Infestation on Your Commercial Property

Pigeons do a lot more than make a lot of noise and get in the way. They can actually present a hazard to your building and your customers. If you see them on your property, you should call a pigeon control expert right away. Here are some of the unexpected hazards of a pigeon infestation on your Arizona commercial property:

Poor First Impression

Pigeons aren’t regal birds of paradise that can be admired from afar. They gather in huge groups, and they create a huge mess without even the benefit of a stunningly beautiful display of plumage. Instead, they create a massive grey huddle, spreading feathers, dirt, and feces everywhere.

Your customers are going to have a very poor first impression of your business if they arrive and smell unpleasant odors or see bird poop dripping down everywhere. Even your long-term customers may be turned away by such a sight. That kind of impression is going to be hard to combat, even after getting your pigeon problem under control. It’s better not to let pigeons become a problem in the first place.

Spread of Disease and Infection

Pigeons can carry a lot of bacteria and parasites, both in their poop and on their feathers. When they shed those feathers or poop around your property, they are spreading bacteria and parasites that could make your employees or your customers sick.

You can’t do anything to make the areas that pigeons inhabit more hygienic. The only thing you can do is have the pigeons removed and to clean the area thoroughly. You need the help of a Arizona pigeon control expert to remove the birds and make sure they don’t return.

pigeon on outdoor table

Damage to the Roof and Property

All that pigeon poop, feathers, and other debris won’t just make your property look bad and smell; they can also damage your property. The debris can begin to compost into the materials, which can cause rot. The debris can also lead to the growth of mold or can attract pests that can inflict further damage. Once you clear pigeons out of an area, you may find that you have to do more than just clean up the space. You may also need to perform some serious repairs.

Fortunately, a good pigeon control company will have multiple solutions for removing the pigeons and keeping them out so you can protect your property. Just be sure to get a thorough inspection of the area after the pigeons are removed to ensure there are no underlying problems with the property.

Potential Injury

Pigeon poop isn’t just unsightly – it’s also dangerous. It can be slippery stuff, and your customers and workers can slip on it and become seriously injured, putting you at liability. The same can happen with balls of feathers and wads of leaves that the birds use for nesting. Unfortunately, that debris doesn’t stay on the roof or eaves where the birds put it.

Pigeons aren’t just cute, harmless birds. If they settle into your commercial property, they can pose a serious risk to your workers, your customers, and the property itself. You need to take proactive measures to keep these destructive birds off your property. If you already have pigeons on your property, you need to act quickly and decisively to have them removed and to take measures to keep them from coming back.

AZ Pigeon Control and Removal can help. Our pigeon control experts can assess your commercial property to determine where the birds are nesting and what is attracting them. We will then recommend solutions for blocking off access to those points or for making them less attractive. We can humanely trap and remove the birds themselves, and we can implement solutions to keep the birds out for good. Protect your property and your business. Call us today to explore your pigeon control options so that your property stays clean and safe.