5 Common Mistakes That Attract Pigeons to Your Property

While many people enjoy house guests, pigeons are not the type of guests you want hanging around your property and your home. They are dirty, smelly, and loud, not to mention their droppings carry toxic bacteria and harmful diseases. If you have tried all sorts of Phoenix pigeon prevention methods and still continue to battle a pigeon infestation, it may be time to reevaluate your Phoenix pigeon proofing techniques to see if you are actually inadvertently encouraging pigeons to make your yard their home. Check the list below to see if you are making any of these common Phoenix pigeon control mistakes!

5 Common Mistakes That Attract Pigeons to Your Property

Uncovered Garbage

Leaving unattended food out, or your garbage cans uncovered in the open, is a huge invitation to pigeons that your home is an open buffet. Even leaving fallen fruit under the apple tree acts like a pigeon magnet and sends the message that there is plenty of food for the pigeon hordes. Be sure to always close your garbage can lids, tuck them into the garage or out of reach from birds, and remove any possible food source from your property. Pigeons will not stay long in places where there is no food, so taking that simple step might be all the Phoenix pigeon pest prevention you need!

Open Water

Pigeons need water to survive, just like any other animal. Having an open water source will attract not only pigeons, but other birds and wildlife of all kinds. If you are trying to eradicate a comfortable pigeon horde, make sure you have no open water source on your property, such as a birdbath, lake, pond, river, or drainage ditch. If your open water source is necessary or unavoidable, hire a professional to enclose it correctly so the pigeons can no longer access the water.

Putting Out Poison

While at first thought, putting out poison to get rid of pigeons may seem like a logical Phoenix pigeon removal method, it is actually counterintuitive. Most pigeon poisons contain an attractant to entice pigeons to eat it in the first place, so putting out poison has the potential to continue attracting more and more pigeons to your property. Additionally, consider that a pigeon is dead or dying from eating the poison, and another animal comes along to eat it. By doing so, they are ingesting the poison too, and it can continue to spread much further and be more deadly than you ever intended. Skip the poison, and hire a professional pigeon removal specialist in Phoenix instead.

Ineffective Methods

Surprisingly, many pigeon removal methods touted as 100% effective actually make more potential nesting places for pigeons. These pests are typically fond of nesting in areas that are somewhat closed off and could be a safe space for laying eggs. This includes spikes and netting that homeowners usually put up in an attempt to close off nooks and crannies. It does not hurt to try this method, but experts recommend checking it often to ensure pigeons are not nesting there anyways. If they are, take down the spikes, netting, and other deterrents, and hire an expert Phoenix pigeon removal company instead.

Ignoring It

Sometimes, people do not want to go through the hard work of eradication, and think that turning a blind eye to a pigeon infestation will somehow just make it disappear. Unfortunately, ignoring pigeons only invites more to come and nest on your property, causing damage, ruckus, and the potential for deadly diseases to transmit to your family and pets. Pigeons can breed and grow their flock extremely quickly, so once you catch sight of pigeons hanging around, it is important to take immediate action to avoid being completely overrun.

Call the Professionals

If you have found yourself making this pigeon eradication mistakes, or are simply struggling with how to address a pigeon problem, you have come to the right place! AZ Pigeon Control is a top-rated pigeon control and removal company serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We stay up to date on the latest pigeon eradication methods, and use a variety of humane and affordable techniques that have been proven effective. We will address your current pigeon infestation, and employ pigeon prevention methods to keep them from coming back in the future. Talk with one of our qualified pigeon removal experts today to find the right solution for your home!

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