If you have dealt with pigeons and Phoenix pigeon pest prevention methods in the past, you know how difficult and nearly impossible it is to eradicate the little buggers. They are particularly fond of apartment complexes and hotel buildings, due to the countless balconies and porch railings to perch on and call their home. Not only is having pigeons nesting on your balcony unsightly, but it can quickly become a health hazard for your family and pets, and prevent you from being able to even step foot on the balcony. While finding effective Phoenix pigeon control can be quite the challenge, the experts at AZ Pigeon Control & Removal have compiled a few tips for Phoenix pigeon proofing to keep them away from your valuable outdoor space.

3 Foolproof Pigeon Control Solutions to Keep Them Away From Your Balcony


Just like camping, it is crucial to keep any food scraps or garbage off your balcony. Even a stray candy wrapper calls to a pigeon like a homing beacon, and once they find anything remotely resembling food on your balcony, they will hone in on the space as a valuable food source. You will soon find yourself calling Phoenix pigeon removal specialists to eradicate the crowd of pigeons crowding your porch.

This includes a feeder for songbirds or hummingbirds, and the food dishes for your dog or cat. Even bits of food charred onto your grill can attract hordes of pigeons, so it is extremely important to put extra effort into keeping your balcony free of any food and scraps. Keeping the pigeons from coming in the first place will be much easier than trying to eradicate pigeons already comfortably settled into the area.


Surprisingly, though pigeons are quite loud by themselves, Phoenix pigeon prevention experts have shown that using wind chimes or another type of noisemaker on your porch can be very deterring to the birds. For whatever reason, pigeons tend to keep away from balconies that have noisy wind chimes, or shiny items that reflect the sunlight. Another Phoenix pigeon removal solution is to place a fake owl or snake on your balcony to scare the pigeons into thinking there is a predator in the area, but wind chimes are more aesthetically pleasing to the homeowner, and just as effective.


When all else fails, hiring an experienced Phoenix pigeon removal company is a foolproof method to eradicate pigeons from your balcony. Pigeon control professionals are highly trained and knowledgeable in effective, humane methods to remove these stubborn pests from your property and prevent them from coming back. Additionally, professionals pigeon removal services are trained in safe removal of pigeon droppings, to avoid spreading hazardous spores into the air from the droppings and threatening your health.

If you have been dealing with a pigeon problem on your balcony and have exhausted your extensive list of removal methods, contact AZ Pigeon Control & Removal for assistance. As top-rated pigeon control experts in Arizona, we have excellent ratings with BBB and provide comprehensive pigeon removal, eradication, and prevention services for both residential and commercial properties. Call us today for a free pest inspection at (480) 694-4007, and see why we are so highly recommended throughout the greater Phoenix area.

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