Understanding The Different Types Of Bird Pressure In Pigeon Control

What Is The Best Choice Of Different Types Of Bird Pressure?

Pigeon problems are common in Arizona, and they can be very stressful. Pigeons could be on your roof, nesting under solar panels, or even roosting along the side of the house. Regardless of the severity of this pest, you probably want to solve this issue as soon as possible.

That’s why you should get well informed about bird pressure in Pigeon control and also contact a Phoenix pigeon removal company

Understanding The Different Types Of Bird Pressure In Pigeon Control

Why Does My House Have Pest Pigeons?

You have to understand why the pigeons are in your home (or even office building) before doing anything else. The number of birds in your house, as well as the main factor for the pest, is called bird pressure. This is an important matter to consider before learning about pigeon control spikes, bird wire systems, and other pigeon removal techniques.

Learning about bird pressure will allow you to discover the best way to get rid of the birds from your property. This way, you won’t have to worry about them for a long time (if not forever).

What Is a Light Pest Bird Pressure?

This is the less problematic type of pest bird pressure, so it is often easy to solve, and most of the time it does not require a Phoenix pigeon control company. 

In this case, the pigeons are just sitting on your rooftop, parapet walls, or ridge cap to watch your food or be close to their nests.  

This type of pest bird pressure doesn’t have any pigeon nesting area, so you can try some DIY solutions at home. For example, you can apply some type of pigeon control product like bird coil or bird tension wire along with the rooftop tiles, ledges, or tile ridge areas. This way, the birds will move away from their favorite spot.

You can also consider basic tips like cleaning up your dog food and asking your neighbors to do the same. If you see the birds or pigeons getting water from your home or pool, find out how to stop the access to that water source. 

What Is a Medium Pest Bird Pressure?

Pigeons and birds are more committed to these sites, but if you’re cautious, you may not need to call Phoenix pigeon removal specialists yet. 

Medium pressure areas are where the birds know they have bigger chances of getting food. For example, near the outside dining area or on a parapet wall above.

Although the birds are more committed to the medium pressure sites, they don’t nest or roost here yet. With medium pressure sites, you can try similar solutions to the light pressure sites. For example, try to use bird control products like bird control spikes. You can even use a low voltage bird shock track system along with the rooftop tiles or the place they’re choosing. 

Don’t forget to clean up the food and remove anything the birds are looking for, including the trash lids. 

If they are getting water somewhere in your house, like your pool or a small fountain, block the access to those water spots. 

What Is a Heavy Pest Bird Pressure?

This is the hardest pest bird pressure site because pigeons are very committed to it, therefore, you may need help with a Phoenix pigeon removal company.

In this case, pigeons probably have protected overnight nesting and roosting areas under solar panels, on the roof, and under HVAC units. 

Birds located in heavy pressure sites may have been born at those locations, meaning that they may also be habituated, which is why it is so difficult to get rid of them at this point. However, it is not impossible, you may only need help from professionals.

Notice that just because you have excluded pigeons from one site does not mean they will not move to other protected places on the roof. Also, it is important to exclude all possible nesting sites so that pigeons do not remain in your house. 

Call a Phoenix Pigeon Prevention Company

Many pest bird problems are high up on a rooftop, so they require ladders and special tools to keep the birds away long-term. This is not recommended for the homeowner to do on their own, and that’s why you should contact AZ Pigeon Control to get professional help.

With AZ Pigeon Control, you can finally remove pigeons and pest birds without much effort! The specialist team can help you with residential pigeon prevention or commercial pigeon proofing, so contact them to get the best bird-free solution.


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